If-clauses (type II)

If I (to come) home earlier, I (to prepare) dinner.

If we (to live) in Rome, Francesco (to visit) us.

If Tim and Tom (to be) older, they (to play) in our hockey team.

I (to invite) him to my birthday party, if he (to be) my friend,

If Susan (to study) harder, she (to be) better at school.

They (to buy) a new car, if they (to have) enough money,

If you (to do) a paper round, you (to earn) a little extra money.

If Michael (to get) more pocket money, he (to ask) Doris out for dinner.

If we (to win) the lottery, we (to fly) to San Francisco.

I (to ask) for his autograph, if I (to meet) Brad Pitt,